8 Images That Sum Up The Nightmare Happening In Australia

It is 2020 and we have reached a different level of tension. With a bushfire in Australia which began in September 2019 not coming to an end till today, is this the end of times for us?

Grateful To The Firefighters

There are firefighters volunteering for more than 13 hours and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

The Last Man On Earth

This image reminds us of the near possible future, where our world will come to an end.

Molten Lava

This hill really looks like a volcano has erupted.

Kangaroo In Dire Need Of Help

This Kangaroo has befriended a human seeking help.

Firefighters Saving Animals

The firefighters aren’t only fighting fires but they are also saving all the animals in need to shelter.

Is This It?

Seems like the apocalypse coming to life doesn’t it?

Exhausted Firefighters!

These firefighters are catching a quick snooze before they get back to saving the world.


This is not a filter! The raging bushfires have turned the skies red literally!

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