10 Best Things In Men That Can Easily Attract Women Immediately

Personality, eyes, and physique are something that can easily attract any women, but here more than just a feature. Because at the end what matters is not their handsome face but it is the best thing that would eventually gain attention from anyone. 

1. Witty Men

Apart from a physique, women are more attracted to men, who have a good sense of humor, because personality will change but not their witty nature. Women like men who make them smile easily. 

2. High Status

Well, high status does matter, and most probably women check bank balance while settling down. The first thing they notice in men is their personality, but after knowing them, they would definitely check the bank balance. Because they want some sort of security when it’s needed. 

3. Age doesn’t matter

If you think women love young men than you are probably wrong. Because women tend to get attracted to men with maturity and sensibility. They want their men to be more matured enough to handle them. 

4. Pet Lovers

Have you come across such men, who are pet lovers. Well, strolling around the road and you see men with their pets. Nevertheless, women love pets and eventually it is the plus point for such men to attract women. 

5. Red Is Love

Black is interesting and men in suits are women’s weakness, but more importantly, men who wear red would more likely gain a lot of attention, not only from women but also from random people. Red is considered to be high in status. 

6. Be her Hero

Women are in and out quite romantic and would prefer men to be more romantic than them. And would definitely go crazy over those men, who would do anything to save her from the mess. This makes their heart flutter and it attracts them the most. 

7. Bearded Men

Gone are the days, where women used to love clean shave guys. Because nowadays, women prefer men with a beard as it shows their masculinity to the next level. 

8. Personality Do Matters

Women fall over guys who take good care of their physic. With great muscles comes a great personality to showoff others. And they would definitely fall apart in seeing such a body. 

9. Children Lover

Men look pretty awesome when they play around or go goofy with children. They find it cute and very attractive. According to a study, women believe that men who love children would take the relationship in the long run and even if unfortunate things happen, then they would never resent or leave you stranded. 

10. Tall

Though height doesn’t matter for anyone, it does. In reality, women want to feel protected and if the man is tall, then she would more likely to show him off to make others jealous. Though, she would boss around you but nevertheless, when in the problem she will need you the most. 

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