10 Most Unusual Things Found By People Which Made Them Luckiest One On Earth

Not everyone is lucky enough to find something extra-ordinary while strolling down the lane. Well, most probably, people considered it lucky, when their day goes well. But here are some unusual things found by people that made them the luckiest person on earth. 

1. Genie in the bottle

It looks like a genie in the bottle left a message for someone special and thrown it into the sea. Well, we want something more than millions worth. 

2. Dragon Balls

While strolling down the beach, this glass ball was found in Hawaiian Beach, which looked quite extraordinary and precious. 

3. An age-old sword

This little girl found 1500 years old sword in Lake Vidosten, and it is the only sword that was ever found here in Scandinavia. 

4. Sea Shells

Well, this looks quite unusual and weird but it is one of the rarest seashells, which had squid eggs inside. 

5. Quartz

Traveling around the world, and discovering one of the precious things, what would be your reaction. This man was lucky enough to discover such mesmerizing thing which is larger than life-size quartz that is more than millions. 

6. Nokia

Phones are considered to be outdated when it gets old but never doubt a Nokia Phone. It has one of the unusual qualities that now people find it difficult to invent such the high tech phone. 

7. Old Note

Some people have the habit of storing old notes or coins in their treasure, but to maintain it is quite difficult. Well, this note was found which is 94 years old and the condition is also pretty natural. 

8. Precious Pearl

To find pearl is to own millions in your account, and this fisherman found this unexpected pearl in the ocean which weighed around 34 kg which cost more than $100 million. 

9. Old Dinosaur

Well, this is not a real dinosaur but look at the quality that is still intact even it is stuck under this big block. 

10. Message in the bottle

Writing a special message for someone, keeping it under the bottle and throwing it in the ocean. This crazy thing is still considered to be precious and this person found this in a most unexpected way. 

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