10 Countries Show The Result That Men Are Having A Tough Time Finding A Women To Marry

The percentage of men and women are fluctuating day by day, where men are truly transforming themselves into women and even realizing their gender. Whereas the LGBT community is rising like an Uproar, people are finding it difficult to settle down with one. With developed nations and changing generations, this century has met with certain misfortune, that has made an exact impact on people’s lives. 


Libya has the largest range, as the country itself was involved in various civil war for maximum years, leading to its consequences, that is vulnerable for women. Here are a large number of men than women in this country. 


Here the ratio of women is quite less than in other countries, due to its unemployment and zero productivity, making its citizens travel from one place to another, whereas the men are increasing day by day. 


Men are having a hard time to get married, and with an increasing number of men as compared to women, the government has issued a statement that they are hiring women with a lot of money to marry men due to lack of population. But all these rumors turned to be baseless and pointless. 


The problem here is also the same as other countries, they are finding it difficult to marry as the country even being the most liberal and equal, still having a tough time to manage its population. 


Sweden has considered one of the most beautiful country and even the men are quite attractive than any other country. 
The percentage is quite less than men and the reason is because of the living crisis and changing stability with other countries that made them mobile to different places. 


The country was once called one of the most peaceful countries from all around the world, but the peace itself was stolen when the war happened. It not only took control over from its people, but the women started moving out from its place to settle down in a more developed nation


The country itself is known for its equality, and even for plural marriage. Due to its rising cases that made women travel in different countries. 


This countries ratio has more men as compared to women, due to its gender difference and birth control, where men are finding it, difficult for women. 

9.The U.S.

People migrate for better life or employment, and according to one study, it was reported that 51.4% of the population are men as compared to women in this country. 


This country is considered to be one of the most populated ones from all around the world, and even the ratio of men is higher than any other country. The reason behind this is the ongoing violence or female foeticide and inequality, which is making it difficult for men to find women. 

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