10 Different Types Of Hugs And What They Stand For In A Relationship

When we squeeze someone tightly in our arms out of affection for them that is something which we call a hug and surely there are different kind of hugs that have different meanings behind them.

Apart from showing love and affection for a person whom you hug, there are different things one can learn from different kind of hugs which one might be earlier was unaware of and this list will definitely educate you towards the same.

The cosy one

A cozy hug is normal for those couples who have spent a lot of time together.

It means that your partner is totally comfortable around you and won’t hesitate to reciprocate, it is a way of showing affection and massive love.

The loose hug

The loose hug is when you are thinking of someone or something at the back of your head. When there is something going wrong and you just hug for the sake of doing it. That is when you sense that there is something wrong and it needs to be fixed.

Legs wrapped around the waist

This type of hug is a romantic one. Everyone loves romance and some don’t hesitate to feel every bit of it. Any couple newly in love would do this, it is probably the one kind that shows happiness and love goes hand in hand.

The one way dominant hug

The one-way hug is the one which lets down a person who initiates it.

Imagine you hugging your partner and him/her not hugging you back. Well, that will definitely make you feel anything but positive about it! This shows that they are losing their connection with each other.

Eye contact post the hug

If you ever wanted to make your special someone feel even more special then eye contact is the thing which one must try doing and notice the sparkle in their eyes once you end up doing it, that moment would be unforgettable.

Side Hug

Another word for a side hug is the buddy hug and that might not be a bad thing if you are thinking so. Because if your partner is side hugging you, it means he has also accepted you as his best friend and not just a partner. You are basically one level up! Only if you are competing for the tag of a “best friend”

The back hug

This type of hugs shows safety and security in a relationship and if you get these kinds of hugs when you are in a relationship, you should be happy that your partner is trying to protect you and making you feel safe.

Every girl loves these kind of hugs!

A tender hug

If a hug accompanies a soft tender touch or a romantic kiss here and there it means the hug was meant to pamper you and make that tender move to assure you that the world is a better place.

Something’s fishy kind of a hug

Doing stuff that shows something more than affection or love then it is known as a fishy hug!

This hug usually should be ideally done in private and not where other people might see you. It is quite obvious what these kinds of hugs mean, not to your partner alone, but for everyone else who sees it as well.

The careless hug

The careless hug is when you are drenched in love with your partner and are unaware of the surrounding. This hug is the purest form of a hug.

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