7 Common Things Will Cause You trouble If You Don’t Follow Then In Foreign Countries

Laws in foreign countries differ from others, whether their road rules or etiquette rules. Not only their citizens should follow these rules, but even the tourists have to follow them, or else things will get them in trouble. 

1. Chewing Gum

Singapore is considered one of the cleanest places, where it’s citizens try their best to keep surrounding neat and tidy. If they find someone littering or throwing something on road, then this would land them in trouble. That’s why, Singaporeans don’t sell chewing gum on any shops, as they are prohibited from selling it or using it. Better follow these laws. 


Jogging is prohibited in East African cities named Burundi. They are not allowed to jog with two or more people, because it may cause them trouble.  It is due to the misunderstanding which created that jogging with more people leads to planning for activities. But they wouldn’t suspect anyone who is jogging alone. 

3. Live-in relationship

In the UAE, people are strictly told to follow their countries’ rule, and to be in Live-in-relationship are considered as illegal. The couple should either get married or else they will detain you. Even tourists people should follow their laws. 

4. No Special Day

It is very common to celebrate valentine’s day in various countries, but the same is considered to be illegal in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. As they are against such traditions or culture that display affection so openly. For them, this kind of celebration leads to unfaithfulness towards their deity. 

5. No PDA

This is quite normal in other countries, but a public display of affection or kissing in public is considered illegal in India. To show such kind of intimacy will cause you trouble. The country itself is quite extraordinary in its own kind, where such an act should be kept behind doors. If you try to go against such laws, then it leads to seeking trouble. 

6. Eating in Public

You should never eat in public, even if your Muslim or not, the people inside United Arab should obey such laws. And you could see their citizens following this tradition of not eating and even not drinking in public during the day of Ramadan. One should follow it or else you will land yourself in trouble. 

7. No Liquor

People in Saudi Arabia, should not consume liquor publicly or even in private space. The country prohibited liquor from selling it because it is like going against their Muslim tradition and that means going against their God. 

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