7 Signs Which Reveals Your Phone Has Been Hacked And How To Counter It

There used to be a time when we used to keep each document, each file and every important detail with us but with new technologies now everything and every detail is in our phone.

So that is the reason why phones have become an easy target for the hackers to access your phone without your knowledge. Here are 7 signs that say your phone has been hacked and if it’s hacked then how you should try to crack it.

When your phone gets hacked

This is something which has accompanied the advent of technology and one can’t really complain since the boom has to have some bust along with it and hacking is what has partnered the newer gems of technology

The easiest way out

The virtual way to hack one’s phone is by installing spy apps inside a phone and this could be a possibility if your close friends and family must have done it.

For the other hackers they will try the easiest way and that is when your wifi is open or unprotected that can make the hackers to easily access through your phone with your traffic.

When you end up charging with different USB’s

We aren’t sure how many of you are aware of the fact that charging one’s phone to an unknown device or other USB can also cause someone to hack your phone very easily. As they have the mind and technology to hack your phone with this method and you will never know about it.

When you suddenly receive a SMS

There are times when you receive unknown messages and phone calls wherein they randomly ask you about your bank statements and account password and in that many people get frantic that there is something wrong with their account and in this, they get easily duped by the hackers.

International protocol

If the hackers have the capacity to hack anything then they can literally do everything like hearing to your personal stuff which may not be good news for you.

Security researchers have warned the authorities and the people that how the hackers are making use of the loopholes in the SS7 signal to get more information through your phone calls and messages despite having encryptions.

Steps to recover once your phone is hacked

There are four important ways to detect it that your phone has been hacked.

1. Battery Issues – When your battery is drying out while you are still charging your phone then it means an unknown app is running and that could be the spy app that is giving various info to the hacker.

2. Phone restart – If your phone is restarting itself and also opening apps and dialing random calls then your has been hacked.

3. Heat – If your phone instantly became a warm and the temperature is rising then it means your phone is under someone’s control.

4. Unknown Number – Well you don’t know but the easy way to detect is checking your recent calls where it shows whom you have called and if there is an unknown number then your phone is hacked.

5. Control – If you see that your phone is opening other apps and it is out of your control then it means that someone is controlling it.

How to prevent it

1. Don’t use anyone’s charger or USB that can easily target your phone.

2. Stop downloading unknown URL code.

3. Avoid using free WIFI.

4. Use antivirus software inside your phone.

5. Update your phone regularly.

6. Create strong passwords.

7. Don’t use public computers for any transaction.

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