7 Upsetting Pictures That Shows The Untold Truth About Global Warming

Where Australia bushfire has taken over the storm, and people realizing the value of nature. These 7 pictures will make you realize, that global warming has been changing for years and we didn’t even notice before. Apart from the 7 wonders of life, each country is especially known for its own kind, from rivers to monuments, the environment change has caused a lot more in the change of globalization, We are still not over the fact that mankind is the real reason behind its destruction. 

1.The Sans Blas In Panama

The sudden change in environment has always caused various effects on our earth, and you can probably see the change in Panama, where global warming caused the sea level to rise to its more advanced level and it might affect the lives of the people there. 

2. Arctic Ice

One of the biggest changes you can see is the shrinking ice in the Arctic Ocean. The average temperature is increasing day by day and it may cause major destruction to the whole earth by dissolving it into the water. 

3.Bridge Orville

In California, the situation is quite worse, where everything is getting dried and even it is very difficult for farmers to lose crops due to its sudden change. This thing is not only affecting nature but also affecting the lives of the people. 

4. Aral Sea

The Aral Sea is considered as one of the largest water basins, but the sea also has been dried up. The sea was eventually a lake filled with a salty sea, but due to its rigorous use of irrigation which was done by the Soviet Union. This prevented the water from reaching its sea-level causing trouble to its nature. 

5. Alaskan Muir Glacier

This is one of the most breathtaking views, but the glacier is melting due to its climate change. Once this place witnessed a 1.8 miles wide glacier and now it has taken the role of a small pebble. 

6.Grinnell Glacier

This sudden climate change has not only affected the lives of the people, but also species living underwater. Global warming has affected so much that once this place was covered with thick ice and now it turned into a melting glacier. 

7. Alaskan Pedersen

One of the biggest destruction ever done by Pedersen Glacier, which disappeared suddenly due to its climate change. From its vegetation to its productivity, everything started vanishing day by day. It is not only the fault of global warming but also the fault of humankind for its change. 

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