10 Incredible Pictures Shows That Inventors Are Already Living In The Future

People who are genius and talented, they don’t need a certificate to prove their worth. Well, some are born with great talent, While some use it for their own purpose. But looking at this picture, you might question your existence. As these inventors are living in the future while we are still stuck in the past. They knew how to modify something simple into extraordinary

1.Car system

Safety is a must, whether you are listening to music or not. This car system has specially set out a technique, where you cannot listen to songs, until and unless you fasten your seatbelt.

2.Corner drawers

What is more important in the kitchen, then to fill your corner space. This kitchen is quite extraordinary and very useful to keep utensils and spices.

3. Dog Keeper

This booth is specially designed for dog owners, who want to go out shopping but can’t let your dogs with you in the mall. So this would keep your pet safe.

4. Mouth Wash

So we already have handwash in public places, now they have invented a mouth wash to be kept in public place. If they want to mouth wash.

5. Just wave!

Toilets in public places are unhygienic, but this invention is really commendable. You don’t have to touch it, just only wave to open the door.

6.Hassle-free tires

This one is futuristic tires, that you can definitely use it in the future, without any much struggle this would easy way to fill up the air.

7. Important Aid

In case of fire, use this, and in case of medical help use the blue button. And this should be kept in every hotel and place.

8. Two In One

Mesmerizing to watch this illusional fence, which also has a seat. So now, you don’t have a stand for hours, as you can sit and watch the view.

9. Sauce Fixer

If you like it little spicy or more than you don’t have waste any time, just buy this bottle that can fix up, according to your taste.

10. Loyal vending machine

This vending machine would be true to its customer if you happen to dislike or it does get stuck to certain circumstances than it will refund your money accordingly.

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