8 Most Highly Guarded Borders All Around The World Will Amuse You

Apart from looking at the map, have you ever wondered, how could be the borders look like in different countries? Where they would have high tech ways to protect their citizens or a simple road. Here we are going to witness such incredible borders that are heavily guarded and their tight security will make you dumbstruck. 

1.Mexico – U.S.

One should know the consequences they have to face while crossing the borders, whether it’s law and order or tight security. Mexico and the US border are located near large urban areas and over desolated deserts. But illegally crossing can lead to misfortune. 

2.India – Pakistan

One should avoid breaking a rule Because both countries are heavily guarded and they would not think twice to execute anyone. It is also considered one of the most militarized borders in the world. 

3.South-North Korea

This place is quite guarded with troops on both sides and with barbed wires and active landmines. The problem between the two countries is visible naturally and they never interacted through all these years.

4. Israel – Syria

These two countries always dealt with conflicts for so many years for over different issues. The Golan Heights between these two countries are highly guarded with heavy tight security, that can witness armies roaming around the town 

5. India – Bangladesh

These two countries have the longest border in the world, and it is marked with a fence, where they are not allowed to cross or make anyone cross illegally. Or else face the consequences. 

6. China-North Korea

It is separated between two rivers that connect the border as they have tried to tighten its security in such a way that people who tend to move from one country to another will have to surpass this tight security. 

7. Pakistan – Afghanistan

The lack of proper constitution, that made its citizens carry such illegal things out so openly, which cause the disputes between these two countries. As Pakistan is trying to build heavy fences to not let unknown people cross over their border, this became the reason for the heavy guard border. 

8. Columbia – Ecuador

It is connected with one way but still has a lot of disputes among the people in these two countries. With illegal group invading the peace and taking land is causing the main conflict between these countries. 

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