10 Powerful Armies From All Around The World

Each country is known for its different specialty, if one has great defense, then one has the power. If one has a powerful army base then one has the authority to rule over other nations. Well, take a look at these 10 best military bases from all around the world, that not only topped the list, but the reason for its hype is quite different. 

10. Egypt

Well, it is quite surprising to see Egypt in the top list for the most powerful army base. Their defense budget is around $4400000000. Their military base and strength that are more powerful than other countries, make them into joining the list at number 10. 


German army comes under rank 9th from all around the world. It is a wonderful place to visit, but their defense budget is around $ 39200000000. 

8. Turkey

This country has been considered as one of the most powerful armies in the world, it ranks 8th among all. Their defense budget is $ 8208000000.


Japan is known for its advanced technique, whether in infrastructure or in their military base. This country ranks 7th in the list of most powerful armies in the world. The defence budget is almost $43,800,000,000. 

6. Britain

This country ranks 6th in the list for its modern infrastructure and technology in the field of defense. Their defense budget is almost $ 45700000000. 


France has been considered as one of the strongest armies in the world for its strength and power. It ranks 5th and the defense budget is around $ 35000000000. 


India ranks 4th in the world, and it has the strongest army base. The defense budget is around  $ 51000000000 making them the most powerful military base. 


China differs from other countries, due to its conflicts with other countries. But still, it is called as most powerful among all. With defense around  $ 161700000000., this country is quite extraordinary from others. 

2. Russia

This country is not only the largest but also quite highly guarded country, where its military base ranks 2nd in the world. Their defense budget is almost around  $ 44600000007.


The USA tops the list among all, they have maintained their status throughout all these years. With defense budget is $587.8 billion.

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