10 Amazing Pictures Of Silly Things That Won Over Intelligence

People with no brains would do anything to test your intelligence. Either with their silliness or giving you a hard time to find logic in it. While some try to show off and others are trying to bring logic in it by putting CD inside the laptop. Here is the list of silly people who tried much hard to be smart but failed to do so. 

1. Charging Your Card

This guy literally thought of charging his card, rather than to charge his card with money.

2. Food Time

This new type of clock is already gaining a lot of attention, but how are you going to see the exact time.

3. DJ Artist

Look at the misery of this man, who took the time out just to waste our time. Well, he literally thought that this Music CD can be slid into this laptop.

4. Road Fails

It seems like the student failed to attend his class and now the public is suffering due to its engineer mishap.

5. Swag at its best

Well, when you are multitasking and want to finish this work by tomorrow itself.

6. Wow! slow clap

Slide-in DMs of random people would look like this. They still want to get in, no matter what.

7. Broke people

When you are broke from inside but still want to look good from outside.

8. Secure your treasure

Well, a thief wouldn’t dare to steal this precious item, because why not secure it with a lock.

9. Wassup!

Friendly washroom we need really in life. Because rather than sitting alone, it is better to have a toilet buddy.

10. CCTV for no use

Hidden CCTV camera would be like this. Well, what’s the use of such idiocracy.

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