7 Strangest Wedding Traditions Will Make You Think Twice Before Settling Down

Traditions and culture unite people, but there are some which make you cringe over such traditions. Neither they are beneficial for the future, nor they are worthy enough. Well, each country has different traditions and if you are going to settle down, then do look over such traditions that each follow according to their place. Their strange and weird thing keeps them apart from everyone. 


In Scotland, the weirdest traditions are to blacken the bride and the groom. They pour and mix different things, for example, flour, soot, custard, and molasses. And after this tradition, the bride and groom have to parade around the town. Though it may sound strange, this tradition is a must to cast away evil before marriage. 


In Romania, it has a weird tradition that might sound unusual but it will surely make you laugh. The relatives have to keep the bride in hostage, and the groom has to bargain it either with a bottle of wine or with the declaration of love, in front of everyone. 

3. Germany

Here in Germany, the relatives of the bride and groom gather around in front of the newlyweds’ house, just to smash and throw the dishes on to the ground. It brings good fortune and luck for the couple. 

4. India

Indians have different rituals according to one tradition, and they follow it with great spirit. The relatives try to hide the shoes of the groom, and instead, they bargain for him for money to get his shoes back. 

5. Indonesia

In Indonesia, the couples after marriage can’t pee for 3 days according to their tradition, as it brings good luck and prosperity in married life. To make things work, they provide less food to the couple and make sure they follow it. 

6. China

People in China have these weird traditions, where the bride has to cry for months before the wedding. Likewise, her mother and all her relatives join in the tradition. With the whole month becomes a crying fest. She has to follow this tradition, it means she is crying for a new life and it brings good luck in her married life. 

7. China – Shoving an arrow

The groom shoves an arrow on the bride three times, and after that, the groom has to collect the fallen arrow and has to break it down. This Chinese tradition is followed by Yugar people, they believe that it is long-lasting in a married couples life. 

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