8 Times These Expensive Things Made Us Drool Over Their Worth

The sayings are to never judge a book by its cover, as it may look simple from outer appearance, but unfortunately, the cost only will surprise you. We wonder what and how it could be if we have such an amount of talent and money. Not only we wish to be that millionaire but we tend to go crazy over their drool-worthy extravagant things. Well, definitely, if the money put into the right things, then it will surely eradicate poverty. 


This is a Ferrari 250 GTO, and it is one of the most expensive cars in the world. According to one source, the last time, the car got sold with an estimation of $35 million.

2. Antilia

Antilia is the topmost expensive house in India, the house of business tycoon and richest man Mukesh Ambani. With a modern interior and extravagant lifestyle of the main head of Reliance Industries, this house is considered to be the most luxurious one in India.

3. Robert Kuok Yacht

The single Yacht is cost around $5million, and the man behind owning such expensive yacht Robert Kuok who made it possible by making such an expensive yacht with 100,000 kg gold in it.

4. The walking man

Well, this piece of art is quite extravagant that one would possibly wonder for its cost. This art earned worldwide recognition for its drool-worthy thing.

5. Blue Diamond

This Chopard Blue diamond is worth having to be kept in your treasure. It is estimated at almost $16 million. For its price, this has been listed as one of the most expensive items in the world.

6. Unusual Painting

The painting looked quite simple though but never judge from its appearance. The bid started around for $20 million until it reached $48 million, listing it to the most expensive items.

7. Costliest Watch

For its beauty and detail, this watch is very costly among all. This watch is studded with intricate diamonds that it has been listed to topmost one.

8. Kid Painting

Man created this canvas while thinking about a person. But this painting hugely sold out for $140 million and it turns out to be one of the costliest one.

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