8 Unknown Stuff Of Everyday Things Was Meant For Strange Reasons

Sometimes, we tend to forget that some things are made for a certain purpose, but we try to ignore it. You would definitely be amazed by such facts and their true use. Their hidden stuff was not only unknown to many but it will be beneficial for use it for that purpose. 

1.Small Pockets

Ever thought why you have small pockets in your denim. The real reason behind this is that back in 1873 people used to carry pocket watches. And it is specially designed for pocket watches.

2. Hole in the cap

Well, you would have seen in your ballpoint cap, there is a mysterious hole in the cap. The real reason for this is that when children mistakenly swallow the cap sometimes, so it doesn’t get suffocated.

3. Holes in the window planes

This hole in the window planes is necessary so that the windows don’t get fogged up, as the temperature above there is very humid and it does get fully get covered up by fog.

4. Hole in cooking handle

Well, the reason behind is quite strange that this cooking handle is specially made for the spoon. So it will come handy, and won’t have to struggle with the mess around.

5. Zig Zag Way

Never thought, this zig-zag in bobby pins would work like this? It is not meant to be on the upper side but it is actually on the downside for better hair grip. And we usually mess up by doing it all wrong.

6. Spike on tubes

its been a long time, we haven’t read some of these actual facts nor ever we wondered what it could mean. But this spike over the top of the tube is to make a hole through the protective seal of the tube.

7. Loop

This loop is for to hang the shirt, but there is also one more amusing fact that if the man is in a relationship then most probably they won’t have this hoop, while single men use this type of shirt

8. Blue part

We never thought that the blue part in this eraser is for the ink. Most probably this thing was taught nor we ever wondered that this was basically meant to erase ink.

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