10 Times Architecture Failed To Show Some Logic In Their Designs

One mistake could end one’s career, and here is a list of repeated mistakes done by architecture students. It looks like he/she might have missed the important part during the lecture and somehow graduated to ruin people’s lives. Well, we can’t help it but we can definitely enjoy this not-so-minor mistakes. 

1. And the award goes to…

So basically, this thing is looking like an ant carrying an elephant. We can only pray for the people living inside.

2. The drainage

It seems like that it was possibly made for the hair drainage. We can only see a mess in this hair salon.

3. Stairway to heaven

This design is so basic but so high in life. I have never such useless stairs in my entire life.

4. Toilets for couples

We get it, but why make the other one suffer from only one toilet paper roll.

5. Private space is must

No matter why and how, but this owner definitely didn’t care about the road and the people. All he wanted was separate for himself.

6. Useless door

You can separate two things, that is useless brains and this useless door.

7. Weird!

When you want to finish your assignment by tomorrow and you somehow end up

8. Why?

What’s the point in differentiating it, when you are already mixing them together.

9. What are these tiny stairs for?

Well, the idiocracy is such that you can undo it. And we are totally thinking how and why?

10. Under great construction

Out of everyone, this building is quite unsafe. And we can only blame the architecture for making such designs. Well, salute to his confidence.

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