10 Dream Jobs From All The World That Would Make Anyone Envy

What if you are given to travel around the world, or given leave for a year. Would you leave your 24/7 boring job to gain such a dream job? Well, anyone can do that, but sometimes it is very hard to get such luck. Here is the list of companies who did everything for their employees that you would envy them and curse your life. You would wish to have such lucky jobs but only a few could have it. 

1. Travel Destination

There are many who complain about their work or their job, but here are lucky people who had the best opportunity to visit the Maldives as a vacation. Well, it was the MMA company owner, who send their 100 employees to this worth spending vacation only to cheer them up.

2. Permission to let your dog in

Pet lovers might love this job because this company gives permission to his workers to let their pets in and even providing them with weeks paid leave.

3. Drool-worthy money

The founder of Gravity Payments Dan Price literally thanked his employees by increasing their wages and added them from his own salary as a kind gesture to his workers that no other company would do.

4. Blessed with Apartments and cars

Savji Dholakia from Gujarat made a promise to his most deserving employees by gifting them cars and apartments in 2016.

5. Yearly leave

Stefan Sagmeister always gives his employees a yearly leave every 7 years so they can rest for some time.

6. Creative surrounding

Work in a colorful workplace and the owner of Invasion treat their employees with such surprises. It is to give them relaxation time rather than stressing them up.

7. Break up leave

It is everyone’s dream job to get leave during such time. Well, this company knows that breakups are crucial times, where workers tend to take drastic decisions. So they made such a policy where they give their female employees leave to get over from it.

8.Exotic Lunches

Who wouldn’t want to have such a luxurious lunch, well this company treat their employees by taking them to the best place to get such exotic lunch.

9. A car as a present

Alex Rios gifted his employee a car so that she doesn’t get late for work. Due to no proper accommodation, she always used to reach late. Well, we need such bosses.

10. Interview with lip-biting business

Well, to interview such a hottie, who wouldn’t want to land this job. We can definitely feel her pain from that look. This awesome picture was captured when Stacy Thompson was interviewing Flex Lewis, and we wondered what would have happened next.

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