8 Regular Personal Items That Should Not Be Shared With Your Closed Ones

“Sharing is caring” this quote has always been into our lives right from the childhood days. But have ever wondered or thought, That this sharing might land you in trouble. It might cause infection or affect your body, either sharing a stop or a nail cutter. One must always be careful while using these used items. 

1. Nail Cutters

We share random things but we are unaware that this little thing would cause you trouble. For example, Nail cutters might look harmless but they consist of bacteria, fungal and microorganisms from a nail. So if other people use this without cleaning, then it will cause fungal infection.

2. Earrings

Nowadays, from sharing clothes to sharing toothpaste, it is normal for everyone. But never ever try to share your this thing, which might lead to infection. Well, girls love to share everything but avoid sharing earrings, as the blood vessels in our ears are very sensitive, and it can catch an infection. So either clean it or avoid sharing it.

3. Lip Balm or gloss

Lips either get dried up or they contain different problems. But if you are thinking of using your loved one’s lip balm. Think before using it, as it might cause you an infection.

4. Soap

If the whole family is using the same soap, then avoid even thinking of sharing that. Because each person has different problems or dealing with different body causes. It is not you are sharing the soap, but also you are sharing the same infection to that other person.

5. Hairbrush

Hairbrush contains unnamed bacteria and fungus, and dandruff too. If not this, then the germs may cause you. So before sharing the used brush, try to clean the brush to avoid any sort of infection.

6. Used Towels

You wouldn’t even dare to try a used towel even in hotels, so how would you like to give your used towel to someone else. With hundreds of germs crawling around the towel, sharing might affect their body.

7. Scrub or Loofahs

Our body is like a temple, we should worship it by keeping it clean. If you daily wear clean clothes, and while even sharing clothes, you share the clean one. But when it is about the body, never ignore such facts. Because the little dirt inside these loofahs would cause infection if shared, making it unhealthy.

8. Earphones

So all of the lists are true and based on the fact that we all have done this right from our teenage days. We like to share the smallest things with our loved ones, but you are unaware that this might cause them trouble with your infection. Even the earphones with bacteria will give them an infection.

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