The 2018 Olympics just had its first wardrobe malfunction — and it was handled with class

Such elegance, much wow!

The First Wardrobe Malfunction of 2018

The First Wardrobe Malfunction of 2018

The largest international event, the Olympics, would be incomplete without few mishandles and wardrobe malfunctions. South Korean ambassador, Yura Min sporting in ice skating visited the shrewd pain of wardrobe malfunction at her debut in Olympics only within seconds of her figure skating performance.

The Show Must Go On!

The Show Must Go On!

While Yura Min was perfectly performing her debut routine on the ice skating platform, her dress unhooked in a couple of minutes from the back displaying the parts of her body she would rather have covered. This incident perfectly exemplifies how one single turn and bend can expose one’s body part during the performance. However, she completed her dance routine even after her uncomfortable and unfortunate wardrobe mishap.

The Breathtaking Performance

Yura Min like a true Olympian, performed in spite of all the hindrances that she suffered. She told the press that she didn’t stop during the performance because if she would have they would have lost a bunch of points and she thought that performing was better than stopping and fixing it and facing the deduction. But still, they got 9th rank out of 10. A couple of adjustments cost them some points and as per her partner Alexander, they didn’t lose because they were skating poorly but she had to stop and fix up herself.

Watch the video here!

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