Are You Smart Enough To Make A Square By Moving Just One Matchstick?

This is not as simple as it looks!

Let's Put Your Smartness To Test

Let's Put Your Smartness To Test

So you think you're smart enough to answer any challenge or solve any quiz that's thrown at you? We're giving one quiz to solve and you just 20 seconds to solve it! Go ahead to check out what's the puzzle. It is not at all easy!

Look Carefully

Look Carefully

Look carefully at this picture. All you have to do is just move one matchstick to make a square in this picture. Your time starts now!

Time's Up! Here is the solution!

So, do you have an answer for that? If yes, GREAT! You're a GENIUS! And if not, nevermind, check it out here! All you need was to just pull out any one of the matchsticks just a little to make a square in the centre! Check it out in the video below!

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