The Most Fantastic Swimming Pool Scenes In A Movie History

When it comes to go to swimming pool, we just throw ourselves into swimming pool . Even the message driving at pool says swim at your own risk , so here are the most greatest swimming pool scenes , which are must watch worthy swimming pool scenes.

The Murkiest

The Murkiest

Bask in some poolside by watching The Swimmer, from 1968 based on a John Cheever story.Things went down rapidly when Burt Lancaster decides to hop from one neighbor’s pool to another in a quixotic attempt to “swim home.”

The Sizzler

The Sizzler

Well, the visually sumptutous A Bigger Splash, manic record executive played by Ralph Fiennes, you can get away with almost anything. Especially if your host is a gracious rock star (Tilda Swinton). But if there’s one salient takeaway, Maybe right before you strip down in front of your hosts and jump in their pool.

Party favours

Party favours

Boogie Nights’ three-minute tracking shot of bikini women, “party favors,” and diving and that’s just the part that’s above water has all the outward appearances of a rager.

The cringe-worthy

Meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time is always a nerve-wracking experience, especially when father is as potentially homicidal as Robert de Niro in Meet the Parents.


The Ruined Kids Party

In an attempt to his youthful glory days, Will Ferrell embodies the ultimate man-child in Old School. This includes starting an off-campus fraternity with his other man-child buddies,with basic responsibilities.

The sultry

Well, these scene you can see a thousand times sultrily stepping out of a pool while water suggestively dripped all over in slow-motion. You have Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Phoebe Cates with her fire-red bikini to thank for that.

The Hilarious one

Well, a candy bar that’s carelessly thrown away lands in the water and suggests something much more sinister, causing hysteria. Do everyone a favor and just keep the pool free of any foreign objects, edible or not.

The Shakespearean Seduction

In Romeo + Juliet’s case, Leo and Claire Danes let their hormones get the better of them as Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers. Just make sure your pool date doesn’t result in such a high body count.

Cruel intention

Back in the days of Cruel Intentions the man was known as a ladies’ man to try to pull of a pool seduction scene of his own. But, Phillippe was no Romeo, and Reese Witherspoon stops him in his floating tracks. She puts a break on the pool and gets the upper hand in their sexual cat-and-mouse game. Still a good pool scene, though.

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby was all about a tortured, lonely man trying to gain love. Well, champagne, dancers, big brass bands, and a self-destructive attitude make for a great pool party.

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