A Couple From US Reunites After 50 Years Being Apart

Not everyone finds love, and the ones who actually do are very fortunate. Only the thought of someone who will share their whole lives with you, or the thought that there is someone who loves you as much as you love them is the most beautiful feeling. No matter how much you try to think otherwise, you have at least once thought of being in love with someone and being loved. It is a fact that unrequited love exists and that people spend their whole lives with it but when you get that love back, there is nothing more beautiful than that! Here’s a story of a couple who stayed apart for 50 years and then finally met!


It was the summer of 1962 when Janice Rude and Willson Prentiss first met in the cafeteria of Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. Janice used to work there part-time. After a while, they decided to get married, but their marriage was unlike any other, it took them nearly 50 years to tie the knot. Keep reading to find out how one man’s will turned their life upside down.

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