A Woman Makes Series Of Photos Showing Us What It Feels Like To Live A Single Life Among Couples

If you’re forever alone, there’s nothing that grinds your gears more than a happy couple. You don’t have to take it out on your friends and family anymore, though, because this girl on Instagram is doing it for you.“Ah, love. It makes the world go round. Unless you’re me. Then you just lurk in the background of cute couples, but hey.” This is the only bio Third Wheel Extravaganza needs. She doesn’t care if it’s your engagement party, your wedding, or your pregnancy announcement. No one is safe from her signature deadpan grimace.



Look at her face, so pale and annoyed by the coziness of the couples behind her. I feel sad for this girl. I hope she has the same experience as her friends who are in a relationship.

"I Was Trying To Work"

Well, if you are surrounded by couples at work, this is the usual! She literally keeps her face resting as she is the most annoyed person on this whole planet.

Happily Single

Happily Single

Well, we know, we know that couples love to flaunt their love and show it off and rub it off on the faces of the singles, but we are better off single and enjoying life at our fullest!

"I Wish Someone Could Hold Me Like This"

Hope this girl gets someone who is in love with her and holds her like this. She surely feels lonely around the couples who are too romantic in public.

"I Told Her I Will Be There When She Needs Me And Now I Am Regretting"

When your best friend is in a serious relationship and you, on the other hand, are single, you are annoyed by the very presence of their better halves. It is just normal to feel that way.

I Just Photo bombed Their Make out Session

I Just Photo bombed Their Make out Session

The couples who are in love, just never stop being with each other or even kissing each other and it gets difficult to even talk to them because they are so much into each other.

I Wish Someone Could Hold Me Like This

I Wish Someone Could Hold Me Like This

Couples, couples, everywhere! You miss the times when your best friend was single or you either wish to have someone to date so that you don't feel like the third wheel every time to go out with your friends.

"Why God Why! You Are Torturing Me"

In this picture, the girl has just given up being annoyed by the couples being together every time and instead made a desperate face, wishing to receive love like that!

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