Woman Wearing Cape, Unveils Herself And Leaves Everyone Stunned

When we select a song for our performance, we tend to go with our favorite one. Today's kids love Frozen and they love Elsa more than anything. Laura Sumrall, the performer decided to perform on this song for her routine as this song is loved by many and she mesmerised the whole crowd when she took her Cape off!

Kentucky Reining Cup

Kentucky Reining Cup

At the Kentucky Reining Cup, Laura Sumrall presented the routine with the Frozen movie's hit song. Laura's choice of the song for her routine really did work for her. And she stunned the crowd with her performance and also took the World Freestyle championship!

"Let It Go"

Her performance was taped and gained a lot of popularity worldwide. It was a real success for Laura, her hard word did really pay her back. "Let It Go" is one of the best songs and Laura gave one of the best performances on the song.

Laura and her Horse

Laura and her Horse

"Let It Go", the hit song not only sold almost 11 million copies in 2014 but also was certified double platinum in the United States. But, don't you think the credit should be shared with Laura's horse too? Well, Laura had her horse by her side for the performance.

The cape

The cape

When Laura gave this performance she was a student at Texas A&M. She aced the performance because she was able to capture the imagination of the audience. Laura came riding on the horse wearing a beautiful Cape which hid her face.

The Video

This mystified the crowd. What happened next literally stunned the crowd. As Laura revealed her self, she was wearing the blue sparkly gown, that the character Elsa wore. The coordination of Laura and her horse gained her a lot of appreciation not only form the audience but also the Judges. The video below will stun you with her grace.

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