20 Rare Photos From the Past That Continue to Stun Us

History is a way for us to learn about our ancestors. It is a way for us to see how far our world has come or maybe how similar it really is. The below photos are rare photos of events that took place that not many people remember or even know about. These shots represent different eras and manage to perfectly capture life at that time.

1. This photo was made in 1840. Hannah Stilley is the woman depicted in it - she was born in 1746. There is no other person captured by photographs who had been born earlier than her.

2.Brad Pitt posing for Rolling Stone Magazine in 1999

3.Following a jump worth a gold medal, pole vaulter Wladyslaw Kozakiewicz sends a message to Soviet supporters who had given him the raspberry, 1980

4.Bill & Hillary Clinton in college, 1973

5.The scene at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas while man is landing on the Moon, 1969

6.A rare photo of the Beatles looking back, 1962 and 1969

7.Frank Sinatra stepping off of a helicopter with a drink in his hand, 1964

8.A movie assistant holding an umbrella over the actor’s head during the filming of the thriller Caligula, 1976

9.A hockey match is interrupted in Sweden, 1959

10.The last prisoners leaving Alcatraz, 1963

11.The opening concert of Woodstock, 1969

12.An Iranian women before the Islamic Revolution, 1960

13.One of the two Riace Bronzes discovered by an amateur scuba diver is brought out of the Ionian sea, August 1972

14.The people of West Berlin show their children to their grandparents who live on the Eastern side, 1961

15.Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discuss the computer’s future in Steve Job’s home in Palo Alto, 1991.

16. The always young and beautiful Audrey Hepburn

17.This is Albina Mali-Hočevar - a girl from Yugoslavia that had been wounded several times during the Second World War.

18.Many people believe that this is the real photo of J.F. Kennedy's assassination. But in fact, it was a re-enactment staged in the movie, The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1977.

19.Fidel Castro plays baseball, 1959

20.The last commercial sailing ship, Pamir, to round Cape Horn, 1949

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