11 Pictures That Prove We Live In The World Where Drama Is Every Where.

Some pictures are taken at the perfect time, it can capture so many emotions that no explanations are needed. If you see a kitten who seems to be screaming “don’t let me go” or a romantic message opened in front of your spouse. Each of these pictures is worth more than a thousand words and we are so lucky that somebody managed to snap these dramatic moments for us. Take a look at these amazing pictures.

1. It will be a long wait until spring. I guess.

2.The fortune cookie says “A new romance is in the future,” my wife is not impressed.

3.This woman lost her memory and her husband is teaching her the alphabet and helping her re-learn how to read.

4.It seems that the one who screwed up was the person who painted the lines in the wrong direction.

5.You didn’t see that coming, that’s for sure.

6. Nothing will keep us apart, but the cage.

7.Mom, she’s doing it again, please take her off my bed.

8.This gentleman is having coffee with his late wife. Everyone deserves love like this.

9.How on Earth did you get there in the first place?

10.I’ll never let go, Jack! untill you give me my treats back.

11.The happiness of the first paycheck and drama of the discovery of taxes

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