11 Electrifying Photos That Show the Reckless Side of the Past

Strange beauty contests, demonstrations, and old school devices show us the reckless part of the old days. Things have changed on a pretty large scale. Our ancestors may say that our modern times are crazy, but we have the same opinion about the past. It’s kind of exciting to find out that the lives of our parents weren’t boring at all but weird, happening and happy.

1)Strongman “Butty” Sugrue uses his teeth to hold up Irish singer Bridie Gallagher on her chair, 1959

2) Pretty legs contest in Istanbul, the 1970s

3)The Great Depression, a thousand unemployed people demonstrate in London, October 31, 1932

4)Feeling free. Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, the 1970s

5)PSA flight attendants: Miniskirts and nice legs were required.

6)Londoners show how air raid precautions in England thwarted the romantic influence of mistletoe around Christmas time, 1940

7)Sub-Lieutenant Alan Hogarth walks on the River Thames on polystyrene shoes which he constructed by himself, 1971

8) A 24-year-old model climbs out of the back of a Russian Moskvich 427 car at a car trade show. This was very brave for that time.

9) 2 waiters serve 2 steelworkers lunch on a girder in New York City, November 14, 1930

10)When doing the twist in 1962, the lower the better.

11)U.S. President Richard Nixon stands on the bumper of his car to reach people and shake their hands.

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