Do You Carry Your Mobile Phone In Your Pocket? You Need To Read This

All of us use our smartphones religiously without really considering its harmful effects on our body. It can literally take away your life. Read ahead to know the complete details.

#2 Age Of Smartphones

There was a time when a mobile phone was more of a luxury and less of a necessity. The situation is completely opposite now. We once believed that phone is useful for grownups to be in touch with the people important to them. But then, we didn’t had Whatsapp, Facebook or any other such addictive app.

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Today, the condition is so unpleasant that even a 12 year old is addicted to his/her smartphone without really knowing harmful effects it inflicts on our body. Your smartphones are so dangerous that it can literally kill you. Your phone is completely ruining your body. Well, this is something that World Health Organisation says. Keep reading ahead to know more.

Age Of Smartphones
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