If You Ever Notice Your Kids Sitting Like THIS, Stop Them Immediately! The Reason? I Had No Idea!

Kids adapt things very quickly. While playing, they tend to set this habit of sitting in a very wrong position that can eventually effect their growth. Check out which position is this and it’s alternatives.

#4 The Sitting Position

The Sitting Position
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Small children can be really handy sometimes. One of the most difficult task for any adult would be to make sure that the child around them is safe because they tend to do things which are dangerous. Another very important characteristic of children is that they are very quick learners as their body is still in that adapting phase.

They pick things very quickly. And therefore without even noticing they sit in position that can be really harmful for them. And here, we are going to talk about one such position. The name of that position is ‘W’ sitting position. If you ever see any child sitting in this position, correct him/her immediately. This extremely common sitting position among children can lead to some serious orthopedic conditions.

#3 ‘W’ position

'W' position
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As mentioned earlier, this position is really dangerous with respect to orthopedic conditions. This position is really comfortable for children as it provides them that stability they require while playing. But at the same time, it places unnecessary strain on their hips, knees, and ankles. This position weakens their bones and prevents them from being able to easily shift their weight and achieve what is known as a ‘trunk rotation’.

In long term situation, any  game that’ll require proper balance will be difficult for these kids. The “W” position also puts the child’s spine into a curved position, which is also harmful. The stress from the position is pin-pointed to certain areas, such as the hip abductors, hamstrings, internal rotators, and the heel cords. These muscles get tight and cause posture problems. What is the solution of this problem?

We have a solution of this problem. Look for the video ahead and an alternative sitting position for children that’ll solve this issue for you.

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