10 Tattoos Gone Wrong That Will Surely Make You Cringe

Whether you’re a regular teenager, a hipster or even a full grown adult, you have an opinion on tattoos. Heck, you might just have a tattoo. It adds a whole other level of depth to your personality and everybody’s getting one nowadays. A tattoo becomes a part of your body, a scar that you would happily wear everyday, a story to tell. It’s going to be there with you for a lifetime (removals are painful). But what happens when a tattoo goes wrong? You might as well ask these guys.

#10 Avatar Fever

#6 Avatar Fever
Image Source: www.likemag.com

Yep. He’s got it. The Avatar fever. Symptoms include an unwavering desire of having the movie characters tattooed on you back.

#9 Family Tradition

#9 Family Tradition
image source: www.fukart.com

I think I wanna run this by his parents before judging him.

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