18 Photos That Almost Broke The Internet!

A picture is equivalent to 1000 words. But here a picture is equivalent to 1000 jokes. These pictures are so funny and weird that it broke the entire internet.

#18 That Hand Down There

That Hand Down There
Image source: http://lifehacklane.com/

The amount of creeps in the world is more than the amount of smartphones. Look at that hand below. What are you trying to capture bro?

#17 Your Or You’re?

your or you're
Image source: http://lifehacklane.com/

This is why it is important to take your grammar lessons seriously. You’ll be saved from the life long embarrassment.

#16 It’s All About The Strength

It's all about the strength
Image source: http://lifehacklane.com/#15 What? How?

It indeed is all about strength. Here, the strength of this women and not the pole. I hope she is still alive after this night.

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