This Group Of Elderly People were Playing Cards. Just LOOK Who Walks In The Door

There are so many brilliant things to see that we miss due to our busy schedules. One such thing is this banned advertisement. Although this is banned but we want you to see it as it is the funniest commercial you will ever see. Take a look.

#3 The TVC

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The commercial that we are about to show is a banned commercial. There is a reason why the commercial is banned. I’ll tell you the reason later but for now, let me tell you what happens in this commercial.

The commercial starts with 4 friends playing the game of poker. Right from the first second, it is very clear that the friends are playing Strip Poker. As one of the ladies in the game realizes she has lost her hand and has to remove an item of clothing, a light flicks on and a man can be seen stood at the door. What happens next? Keep reading ahead…

#2 The Man

The Man
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So the man who can be seen at the door is clearly saying “What’s going on? Get back to bed”. This statement makes a lot of sense for many reasons. Reasons that you don’t know yet. To know all those reasons, you will have to see this banned commercial ahead.

Trust me, this is going to be the best thing you will ever see.

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