10 People You Did Not Realize Died In 2015

Happy New Year! 2016 has just begun and it’s a welcome fresh start. 2015 was very eventful. Despite that, you might have missed these ten famous people who ceased to exist in this past year.

#10 Bobbi Kristina Brown


Bobbi Kristina Brown
image source www.nbcnews.com

Daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, her life had been quite the controversy after her mother overdosed and was found in her bathtub. Her dear daughter had been in and out of a coma, a frivolous marriage which led to property disputes, none of which came to any fruition since she was found dead in her bathroom. Her cause of death has been sealed in court records but s it really that hard to guess?

#9 Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy
image source www.ew.com

Beloved Mr. Spock who infected so many childhoods and is held in high spirits even till date, was named by TV Guide as one of the 50 Most Memorable characters of all time. He had some trouble embracing his Star Trek Character and found hard to perform outside the sci-fi genre. The veteran actor passed away on February 27, 2015.

#8 Taylor Negron

Taylor Negron
image source www.deadline.com

Known for his roles on numerous TV shows and movies, Negron had been battling cancer for a long time. He finally gave in and was pronounced dead at 57 on January 10, 2015. He was adored in the L.A. comedy scene.

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