ANTONOV 225! Biggest Plane In The World – Much Bigger Than The Airbus!

Human kind has proven many times that it is capable of doing the impossible! The World evolution seems to be a never ending movie which gets better and better!

#2 You’re Wrong

What’s the largest airplane on the planet? The Airbus A-380? You’re wrong!

I admit, the A-380 is pretty huge. It’s a double-decker commercial airliner! It’s so big that airports using it had to make modifications to their airstrip in order to accommodate it! But what if I told you a larger airplane has been made? That too way back in the 1980s! How unbelievable is that? Look at this picture.

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You believe me now? Meet the Antonov 225. It was designed by the USSR in the 1980s. It’s so huge it had earned itself the name Cossack! It has a crew of 6, a length of exactly 275 feet and 7 inches and a wingspan of 290 feet! It’s 59 feet tall and weighs 628317 lbs when empty!

It’s powered by 6 turbo-fan engines. They have an insane take off weight of 640 tonnes! And we’ve got a video of it in action just for you! Keep reading!

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