Apple iOS 9 Has 10 Awesome Secret Features That You Should Know About!

Apple has set a benchmark for technological innovation and creativity. With every iPhone that it releases, Apple simply pushes the bar up. And with the release of iOS 9, it has done just that! Here are ten awesome features of iOS 9 that you must know about!

#10. Find Specific Pictures With Your Voice

find specific pictures with your voice

You no longer need to search manually for that special photo. Siri can now search your photos based on their information and criteria. Ask her to find a specific photo from 14 July 2015, for instance, and she’ll do just that.

#9. Change The Functionality Of The Mute Switch

mute switch

You can now use the mute switch on the side of your phone to turn screen rotation on and off, a feature that was previously exclusive to the iPad.

#8. Shortcut To Apple Pay

apple pay

In addition to accessing Apple Pay via the new Wallet app, you can also navigate to the mobile payments app from the lock screen by double-clicking the home button. From there you’ll be able to see your wallet, choose a card, and make a payment quickly.

#7. What’s Draining Your Battery?

whats draining your battery

iOS 9 gets even more battery love with a dedicated Battery section in Settings. Go to the Settings app>Battery to find the new addition. You can now see what apps are sucking the juice out of your phone.

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