Buckle Up For This Incredible Driving Simulator!

Have a bunch of money sitting about, and love driving games? The video below speaks for itself. The full-motion 4DOF simulation chair certainly seems to make driving games a bit more intense, with the ability to change pitch, roll, yaw and heave according to the game being played.

The 4DOF works with any game that uses the Live for Speed system. Right now there is a racing game, and a flying game. The racing game doesn’t look all that bad. You can actually play it without the chair online,

Buckle Up For This Incredible Driving Simulator

This crazy contraption is made someplace in the Czech Republic, and sells for about 20,000 Euros — about $28,000 USD. With this kind of expense, you are certainly much more likely to run into a 4DOF chair in the future at an arcade or some other public gaming place like a bowling alley, than you are to run into it at a buddy’s house. The price includes a service contract.

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