Elon Musk’s One Page CV Show How You Never Actually Need More Than One Page

In order to get a good job, an attractive CV is the most important thing. We spend so much time in making a proper CV but this man’s CV should be our goal henceforth. This is just perfect. Take a look.

#3 CV

Image Source: www.designmodo.com
Image Source: www.designmodo.com

No matter where you wanna work, an attractive CV is a must. You are judged on what you write about yourself in this one document. Ultimately, everything comes down on the attention that your CV can grab. So what is the trick behind making a perfect CV that’ll get you some extra brownie points on the interview desk?

Every other person you ask will have a different opinion about CVs. Here, we have a reference CV for you that will really help your cause.

#2 Say No To Extra Pages

Image Source: www.i.kinja-img.com
Image Source: www.i.kinja-img.com

One thing that many people don’t mind is the extra page(s) attached to the CV as it supposedly shows the extent of your experience. On a very serious note, attaching extra pages will never work. If anything, it’ll just harm your case as the reader will lose all the interest in your CV because of extra pages.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the one-page-CV phenomenon, Novoresume, an online resume writing firm aimed at changing the way resumes are made, made a sample resume of Elon Musk, the famed CEO of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and PayPal.

Keep reading ahead to see the CV.

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