Ever Wondered What Happens When You Dip Your Hand In Boiling Hot Molten Lead? Mystery Solved

So does a little scientist in you keeps throwing weird questions in your face with complicated answers? Well, this one is for you then. Do not miss the video inside under any cost. Take a look right now…

#3 Science

Image Source: www.pslesciencetuition.files.wordpress.com
Image Source: www.pslesciencetuition.files.wordpress.com

I am not gonna write anything fancy about science and technology because all of us know enough about it. But sometimes, just out of curiosity, our brain prompts us to do certain things that does not really support a preconceived hypothesis. We call it Experiments.

They are called experiments because their results aren’t decided or scripted. Do you like to try out experiments that are wonderfully amazing? You need to know about this then.

#2 Hot Molten Lead Experiment

Image Source: www.dn.wonderfulengineering.com
Image Source: www.dn.wonderfulengineering.com

Before we tell you about this experiment, it is a humble request that please DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. So these two guys found out about a myth that if you dip your hand in molten lead, it stays unharmed. Now just out of curiosity, they ended up trying this.

This is not something that they’ll ever be proud of. But still, an experiment is an experiment. They conducted it and reached to a conclusion.

Checkout the video ahead.

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