Hidden Features Of Your iPhone That You Are Unaware Of

#10 Apple Headphones

Your Apple headphones serve you a feature that you might not know. Your Apple headphones can give you a brilliant selfie. When the default camera app is on, simply press the center button on the headset to take a snapshot. This will ensure better selfies any time. We bet, not many of you knew this before. Try as soon as you read this and you will love your selfie.

apple headphone

#9 Photo’s with Volume button

All of us use the volume button of our phones to adjust the volume of the phone. But Apple users get an option here. Now we know how to take a better selfie using your headphones. What if you dont have one? Don’t worry, headphones is not the most important thing to take picture. Rather take pictures without connecting a headset. You can simply use the ‘up’ volume button to take a snapshot with a steadier hand.

Photos with Volume button - iphone

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