iPhones Have Been Keeping This A Secret For Too Long

iPhones! They’re everywhere! You have one. I have one. Apple has managed to essentially infect the world with this beautiful piece of technology. But are we using them right? I know I am, so I’m going to share some secrets with you. I promise at least five of them will make you go OMG and improve your iPhone experience.

#12 Brightness Matters

Brightness Matters
image source: www.everymac.com

Let’s start with the basics. Brightness control is at your fingertips since iOS7. Make use of it! Tone it down when in the dark. It will please your eyes and your battery. Even when you’re at the office you don’t need full brightness. The iPhone has a very powerful display whose full powers you’ll only need to use at the beach or the bus stop on a very sunny day.

#11 Teaching Siri

Teaching Siri
image source: www.appadvice.com

Bet you didn’t know you could! The iPhone sells in many countries and names in non English dominated countries can get icky. No more. It’s time for the teacher in you to step up. Whenever Siri says it wrong, tell her she does!

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