It Looks Like He’s Texting, But I Couldn’t Believe What He Was Doing With His SUV

U.K.-based automotive manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover released details about its ongoing research and experimentation with autonomous vehicles, including an app that controls a Ranger Rover from outside the vehicle and a system that automatically performs precise multi-point turns in tight situations.

Range Rover goes off-road by remote control

The smartphone app, which is currently just a prototype and is not publicly available, takes control of the Range Rover Sport’s steering, accelerator and brakes, so the features can be controlled from outside of the vehicle, at a speed of up to 4 mph, as long as the driver and the key fob are within 33 feet (10 meters).

Land Rover is researching a new remote control technology that represents a stepping stone towards the fully autonomous car. It could be used by the driver to manoeuvre their car out of difficult situations safely or negotiate challenging terrain, whilst walking alongside the car at a maximum speed of 4mph.
The Multi-Point Turn Range Rover Sport is also capable of autonomously manoeuvring through 180 degrees, with the system taking over gear selection, steering, braking and acceleration.

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