Mitsubishi And Nissan Admit That They Have Been Cheating The Consumers On Fuel Consumption

If you own a Mitsubishi car or a Nissan car, this one is exclusively for you. Read it properly. After reading this, you might just want to change the brand of the car you drive . Checkout the entire story now.

#3 The Consumers

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How does it feel to be cheated as a consumer by a company you regard so highly? Do you remember how millions of people were cheated by a prestigious company like Volkswagen when it was found guilty of rigging its emissions tests on a series of its latest cars? Volkswagen users were devastated.

Something very similar happened with Ford and Toyota as they have been found guilty of not properly conducting various tests too. We have a couple of new names to add-on in this list.

#2 Mitsubishi And Nissan

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Mitsubishi motors have recently released a statement announcing that more than 625,00 cars had not been properly tested for fuel economy over the course of last three years. I mean, how fair is it to infringe your own USP? How can you not deliver something that you claim to be the best in?

The models include eK Wagon, the eK Space, the Dayz, and Dayz Roox. The ramifications of this coverup were devastating for the company’s finances as the shares took a hit of more than 15 percent since this was announced by the firm.

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