Norwegian Airforce F-16 Flies 450 Km At Supersonic Speed To Save A Dying Patient

Not everyday do you see an Air force Plane breaking all the speed records just to help a common person who is suffering from a deadly medical condition. This is generous and amazing at the same time.

#3 F-16

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Norwegian air force is proud of F-16. It is universally popular for its amazing speed and power. Finally it has showcased its abilities in front of the world while helping an ill patient. The patient was dying and he needed a special lung and heart procedure called the extracorporeal membrane oxygenation to survive.

The equipment required for the procedure wasn’t available in the hospital. They had to import it from a hospital at Bodo which was almost 450 kms away.

#2 Involvement Of The AirForce

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It would take a long time to transport that machine by land as it had to cover the distance of almost 450 kms. The airforce was contacted to transport this life-saving equipment. The patient was very lucky as the request was made just as two F-16 fighter jets were getting ready to take off from an airbase nearby.

Usually it would take around 40 to 45 mins to cover that distance on a flight but F-16 ended up being unbelievably fast.

Keep reading ahead to know the time taken by F-16 to cover the distance.

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