Say Hello To The World’s Most Complicated Watch That Costs 5 Million Dollars

The Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 is a highly complicated mechanical pocket watch, featuring 57 functions. The watch was assembled by Vacheron Constantin and introduced it in 2015. The company claims that it is the most complicated mechanical pocket watch ever created followed up by Patek Philippe Calibre 89 assembled in 1989 and featuring 33 complications. The Reference 57260 took eight years to assemble. The watch has 2826 parts and 31 hands, weighs 957 grams, and spans 98mm.

Reference 57260

Vacheron Constantin reference 57260 armillary sphere tourbillon 11

Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260

The case has been created from white gold and measures in at 3.8 inches diameter while being 50.55mm thick and sporting a sculpted crown and pushbuttons on the sides. Full dials are featured on front and back that are further divided into a complex area of sub-dials, retrogrades, windows and indicators. It contains a 242 jewel Caliber 3750 movement that is 1.4 inches thick and operates at a frequency of 2.5Hz with a 60-hour power reserve. Vacheron Constantin moto is, ‘Do better if possible and that is always possible.’

Vacheron Constantin

When Vacheron Constantin announced that they had been working on creating the most complicated watch in the world, we all knew it was going to be a watch with two dials – for such a sheer number (expected to be well over 30) of complications, one dial would simply not suffice to house all the different indications, scales, and hands – and the movement needs to be more balanced out as well, of course.

Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 19

Reference 57260 2

All this information is indicated on a number of scales and sub-dials, and some are even displayed numerous times – for example, you can read the date in the Gregorian perpetual calendar either on the retrograde display at the 12 o’clock sub-dial on the tourbillon side of the watch, or on the scale on the periphery of the same dial, with a large hand pointing to the actual date, month, Zodiac, and season.

grand oeuvre astronomical indications months zodiac

As such, the astronomical indications are scattered around both dials, and the most important one around which most others are constructed is the perpetual calendar. Spiced up with retrograde hands here and there, it will indicate everything you could possibly want to know when someone asks “What day is it?”

Watch video: REFERENCE 57260 – The Most Complicated Watch Ever Made

There are still many complications that are not being covered here, but we are sure you get the idea about how complex and wonderfully engineered this watch is. It is estimated that it will be priced at $5 million.

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