This Thirsty Concrete Absorbs 880 Gallons Of Water A Minute

This road, made of a special type of concrete, literally drinks like a fish. A video of water falling onto a concrete road to be instantly soaked up is taking the Internet by storm. And rightly so.

The one-minute clip shows amazing footage of the concrete absorbing water like a sponge – it apparently drinks 880 gallons per minute.

Concrete Road Absorbs 880 Gallons of Water

When water hits Topmix Permeable concrete, it doesn’t flow in all directions, slicking up the surface.

It flows in one direction — down. And it vanishes almost instantly.

Traditional concrete has to be permeable enough to let a minimum of 300 millimeters of water an hour through to the ground level. That allows it to safely handle a major storm event every 100 years.


The top layer of the concrete is “topmix permeable” – which is an absorbent porous surface. How does ‘thirsty’ concrete help us, you ask? Here’s how – it helps prevent flooding in urban areas and, with no water collecting to make roads and pavements slippery, also helps to make city surfaces safer. It is also cooler than the asphalt which is more commonly used and hence, better suited for hot climates.

Watch video How Concrete ABSORBS gallons of water :

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