VIDEO: Dramatic Video Captures Ship Launch Going Horribly Wrong!

This reminded me of Titanic. The only difference is that this ship could never start its journey in the ocean. This failed launch can stop your heartbeat for a second. Take a look…

#3  This Ship

                                                                     Image Source:

A footage of a mammoth vessel diving into the harbor is making rounds on Internet. As I mentioned earlier, this reminds me of Titanic. Luckily, no one was inside the ship when this accident happened.

Posted on You Tube, the amazing video demonstrates the boat tumbling sideways into the water severing its sliders and making a titanic-sized wave that inundates the camera. Different people had different things to say about this. Everyone was stunned nevertheless.

#2 The Footage

                                                                        Image Source:

The biggest question that comes in everyone’s head while watching this footage is the condition of the person who recorded this footage. According to the reports, he survived the difficulty with scratches and wounds. Lucky guy for sure.

Checkout the footage that we’ve spoken about so much ahead. This is a must watch.

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