VIDEO: Guy Made Auto Mini-Gun Out Of Wood And Coke Bottles, I’m Building That!

In this list of best DIY’s ever, this will definitely feature in the top 3.  After I saw what this guy did with some coke bottles and wood, I am amazed. Brilliant as ever. Take a look…

#3 Best Out Of The Waste

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All of us have taken the craft lessons in our school. Most of us know how to use a waste material in the most creative way. But this man is a master of this job. He deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame because of what he has made here. He has taken the concept of best out of waste to a whole different level.

Everybody knows Coke jugs are the DIY dream: you can make them into a wide range of clever family things. Joerg Sprave though, took a different turn. He decided to make a mini-gun.

#2 The Mini Gun

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Yes, you read it right. He made a mini gun out of a few coke bottles and wood. He programmed small firearm out of Coke jugs, a bit of wood, and some perilous looking arrows. This looks brilliant and works like a dream. The plastic Coke bottles twofold as pressurized compartments. Over them, they have a compressor or a bicycle pump.

The weight will then be discharged with a lever, which would actually shoot a bolt from its relating tube. Sounds fantastic, right?

Checkout the video ahead.

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