VIDEO: Russia’s Crazy New Truck Can Drive On All Surfaces – Even On Water

We are slowly stepping into a world that is ruled by science and technology. There is nothing that can’t be done or achieved if used technology in the correct way. This is a leap in the world of transport…

#3 Driving According To The Weather

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Driving can be a huge headache in case of a bad weather. Excessive rain or excessive snowfall will make taking out your car an impossible task. How about driving in the desert? Ever tried?

Well, you wouldn’t say no to driving in any of these situations ever again thanks to a new Vehicle launched in Russia for public.  This is brilliant and will storm the world of transportation to a different level.

#2 This New Truck

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So from now, driving on a winter or rainy morning will never be an issue. In fact, driving on the sand in a desert will be as good as driving on a highway.  This insane new Russian vehicle can undoubtedly move over impediments, make a 360 degree turn, and even drive on water.

Checkout the video of this amazingly insane vehicle moving on different surfaces ahead.

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