VIDEO: Six Bulldozers Battle Each Other In One Epic Fight On The Streets Of China

Street fights might just look exciting to you for some reason but this is a fight on the street that in all likelihood will be enjoyed by none. This is a few heavyweights wrestling on the street in the most absurd fashion, take a look.

#3 Street Fights


In no time, street fights can turn into an ugly brawl and destroy the fate of tons of families. They are illegal and dangerous. But here, the street fight that we are talking about is slightly different. This isn’t your typically regular fight.

This is a fight between extremely heavy and fat bulldozers. Yes, a different kinda street fight. But this is full of entertainment and excitement.

#2 This Fight


It is a general practice to compel an alert while working with super heavy and complicated vehicles like bulldozers. But it seems as if these drivers had no idea about alerts or safety drills. Clearly, these bulldozer administrators in China didn’t get the memo.

The best part is that, in the end, this little mishap turned into a huge fight. and not one or two but 6 bulldozers started wrestling mid road. Sounds exciting, right? It looks exciting as well.

Checkout the video ahead.

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