VIDEO: You’ve Gotta See This Giant Bridge ERECTOR Machine At Work!

This huge bridge Erector machine at work is a giant animal in all senses. Once you look at it while it is at work, you’ll start referring it as a giant animal too. Undoubtedly, one of the most complicated machine ever. Take a look…

#3 Bridge Erector

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How many bridge erectors have you actually seen in your entire life? Chances are that very a few. We all know the main purpose of every bridge erector, but this one serves little more than the expectations.

This monster is known as a SLJ900/32, and is an extraordinary 580 ton, 300 foot long bit of gear that is utilized to make spans at an alarmingly quick pace!

#2 SLJ900/32

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Definitely, this is the best bridge reactor available in the market. When you read its configurations, you immediately realize that nothing available in the market can be better than this.

In case you need an evidence, we have one. Checkout the video ahead to see what is so brilliant about this.

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